Bespoke Design

Designed Together

Made By Us

We listen.  Over many years we have learnt that this is the most important aspect in building a relationship and reaching an understanding of our clients wishes.  Discussion enables ideas to flow. Some are kept and incorporated others disgaurded.  Plans are drawn and your kitchen is hand crafted by our highly skilled cabinet makers.   

Dressing room 1.jpg

Dressing Room

 Walk into your dressing room and find everything in its dedicated area.  Shoes, hats, gloves, shirts, trousers, coats, jumpers, skirts, dresses etc, etc. Easy to find easy to maintain. Close the door and leave your bedroom to relax in without all the clutter.


Boot/Utility Room

 The perfect buffer from outside, especially during our winters. A place for wet coats, wellies and muddy dogs! 

Washing machine & dryer, hoover, ironing board and the rest of the cleaning equipment. all necessary but not something you need to see around the house, a home for it all.


Bookcase/Display/T.V Cabinets

Whether you want to add interest to a room, store books, display photographs,  or hide a large television.  With careful thought a piece of furniture can be designed and made to compliment your home.